Why Debian linux

In the last few days having a conversation with a friend sys admin type egg or the hen – Debian vs Slackware. As usual when debating with him there is no winner I love my religion he his, We both have enough reasons to do it. But with all my br″ŝolevci again I asked myself why. Why use Debian on servers desktop and desktop machines ( I even put the chroot-android and me). Here I sit at the table and my former boss:

Do you know who is the best Linux?

– The one who managed to install first.

As a matter of fact, Slackware 9 I think that was my first distro which I installed myself but things change 😀. So here are some of my reasons why Debian:

1. Because it supports easy – dependencies between packages. This is otâvleniâ minus the slackware or plus it depends on how it is speaking. Dependencies between packages is “extra” that facilitates installation and support Cardinal menadžiranaeto of a system. When I want to install php does not need to know whether I have other libraries needed to start the normal. I remember a case a few years ago when I installed on a web server and all the miseries while the complete dependencies to compile the necessary modules in php-it. On the other hand give you get a binary package compiled with any options that might not work properly for your case or you simply lack the necessary options. Well for this event has apt-get source pulling the sorska bildnat package plus all the patches that are placed. Modifications and moderations are always possible on personal taste and discretion.

2. Because there's a netinstall cd – minimum image with basic packages. Some wonder how it would be useful for new users but for every system administrator minimum installation is advantage. Installs a bit by bit packages services. Builds the system almost from 0. So you have security that will work exactly the way you expect – in a little more. A few days ago I wanted to download cd1 slackware for x64 system and was unpleasantly surprised that exists only on the dvd version of their options h64. Only for x 86 there is an option to download cd1 dosatat″čno for minimal installation. Not that it's a pain to die during installation will choose the necessary packages but still a whole dvd for the skeleton of a server 😀 WTF??? Debian netinstall image offers you the possibility to select what additional packages to pull from the Internet as is Positiva, that will be the last version in the mirror stable/testing/unstable.

3. Because there is a super simple installer – the console is not scary. Things here are a little 50/50 because Slackware is also extremely easy installer with the only exception which is a key Division of the drive having to write a few commands in the console which is scary for some users. fdisck or cfdisk are not so scary but the fact that it is not embedded in the installer itself is failing. Once the partition is formatted, then created by the installer but until then you should be venerated a little. In Debian things are facilitated in this regard by default the installer helps you , But if you insist on the process to control it more closely you can always call the shell and.

4. Because debian team are open to strange ideas. Hmmm someone Slacker here would laugh me rude, that such izrudŝini as crossover linux with BSD core is not necessary, But why not. Before people laugh and the assertion that, the Earth is round. 😀 Ако не се лъжа Debian работи на най- a large collection of hardware 😉

5. The default is with KDE – many hate KDE. And as is well known, Patrick is a big advocate of KDE and it's always been the default desktop environment in the Slack-and. On my first date with KDE I realized that this is not my type of GUI among other things reminded me a lot and for Windows


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