Finally I have time to do my site after upgrade to neupešniâ 2.3 version. I plan later to deal with this problem 😎 recently I got into work at home series (more work) and a movie to 11 evening for bedtime. Fun with now make a site for a library of online radios. Give nothing complicated, however there is also a very interesena teaser – You can choose your favourite radio station and then you should be showing the song that goes at the moment. Basically, I went through several versions unfortunately proved, not all systems are suitable for “listening” of information. For now I'm using a class ready for taking such info, which I plan to pooptimizram and put the link as a graduate project. Work on the site it takes me quite a while because I have other obligations in the work and I'm a little “por″ždâs″l”. For a long time I did not write something so voluminous and very old, and I am a perfectionist so pure, a lot of details attended to 🙂 Smatam to chill out with some interesting game. I have installed Manhunt която е малко старичка, но е доста зарибяваща. Е засега толкова 😀 като имам повече време ще опиша някои интересни неща около проекта ми 😉

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