Finally, I have time to fix my site after the failed upgrade to 2.3 version. I plan to deal with this problem later 😎 I have recently entered a series of work at home (more work) and a movie to 11 in the evening to fall asleep. Now I'm having fun making a site for an online radio library. I give nothing complicated, but there is a very interesting joke – you can choose your favorite radio and then you should be shown the song that is currently playing. In general, I went through several options, unfortunately it turned out, not all systems are suitable for “listening” of information. So far, I use a ready-made class to take such info, which I plan to optimize and put the link when I complete the project. Working on my site takes a lot of time because I have other responsibilities at work and I'm small “rusty”. I haven't written something so voluminous in a long time and I try very hard, and I'm a pure perfectionist, that I pay a lot of attention to details 🙂 I plan to relax with some interesting game. I have installed Manhunt who is a little old, but it is quite stocky. So far, as I have more time, I will describe some interesting things about my project

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