Good Morning Bulgaria

Good morning beautiful cheerful morning 🙂 sometimes wonder how cheerful and jaunty early morning 🙂 Maybe somewhat helps the music but I'm not sure this morning 🙂 song of the day is the GUN”N ROSES – WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE 😀 a hell of a lot of things going on around me and I don't have time to write – too bad asdki. I experienced again raise money in case 😉 are not important and beneficial for “For half a year, which hasn't happened”. Oh shit how not to feel proud of yourself! I was completely and reclassified got my first few server 🙂 now I work mainly with programming though, as always in small offices have a good handyman 🙂 but not dragimi reader, don't tease me that thing, He again when things get thick shouting me 🙂 enough with this work. The then almost finished repair home, all I have to bring my computer Chair and section. Otherwise, everything else is almost done. My room has become a jewel aâbsolûtno 🙂 Light Blue with white ceiling 😉 Hmmm I can not yet something to refill your čov″kah AAAAAA 🙂 saita and now need to get back the old icons of emouš″nite, links and some more stuff for them too but I don't have very long 🙂

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