Good morning Bulgaria

Good morning wonderful happy morning 🙂 sometimes I wonder how cheerful and cheerful I am early in the morning 🙂 Maybe the music helps a bit but I'm not sure 🙂 This morning the song of the day is GUN”N ROSES – WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE 😀 A hell of a lot is happening around me and I don't have time to write at all – sorry. I experienced another promotion 😉 money in this case is not important but praise for “For half a year on which it did not happen”. Damn, how can you not feel proud of yourself! I was completely retrained and got my first few servers 🙂 Now I work mainly with programming though, that as always in the small offices there is a good boy for everything 🙂 But not dear reader, this thing doesn't bother me, I even like it when they get fat, they call me 🙂 Enough with this job. Then I almost finished the repairs at home, all that was left was to bring me the computer chair and the section. Otherwise, almost everything else is done. My room has become an absolute jewel 🙂 Light blue with a white ceiling 😉 Hmmm so far I can not think of anything to add 🙂 AAAAAA I chewed my site and now I need to get back the old icons of emojis, links and a few more things but I don't have much time for them either 🙂

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