Да оплюя Maxtor

So before 2 days my hard drive, that basically was relatively new to the 3 years. It's a nice little 20GB Seagate, that is quite an old somewhere 5 years, and at increased “zvučnosta” your 🙂 . While still a new Maxtor-and it was quite noisy and with higher calorific values indicators, However, it's a slim 😉 . As it is now and to my Hitachi SATA2 zimam cache 320GB 16MB 😉 😛 sounds good and it's going to be a oputi system. Lately I hear very good things about Hitachi, Western Digital navivaha for me but I work 2 такиква са скапаха за половин година така че не мисля да си зимам точно такъв. Както и да е решението е взетото остава само да си го купя и да му направя тестовете да видя как ще се представи.

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