Fuel in the blood

Today I was at a painting organized by the company, maybe team building is his wise word 😉 Overall, it was a unique experience, I have never ridden a kart before, but in general I have enough driving experience., already somewhere around 5 years and has been extremely active in recent years 2. There is no such madness for go-karts. Some little buzzers whistling back and forth. The most- forward we did on 3 warming up around to feel the car track and so on. Then we were cursed at the qualifiers for the semifinals in which I can proudly say that I was left without competition 😉 I was just on my toes above the others and I fell for a good car 🙂 😉 In the finals the battle was fierce after total 3 collisions and one spin. Sometimes I have so much fun that I have hellishly cool bosses to organize some kind of pleasant peace. The evening, of course, did not pass without the traditional eating and drinking, with colleagues from more offices. I'm a little laconic, but it's hard for me to write with rabbit cancer, aaa yes I was seriously injured in one of the crashes in the semifinals 😳 and now my elbow is swollen but I will be fine 🙂

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