Fuel in the blood

Today I was Catherine organized by the company may team is bilding mudernata Word 😉 as a whole was a unique experience never before I hadn't driven a go-kart but generally have sufficient driving experience, now somewhere around 5 years as is extremely active in the last 2. So there's a go-kart that Bedlam. The small br″mčalki who go back and forth. most- Next we did the 3 heated foot patrol since my squad feel track car, etc.. Then we psunaha the qualifiers for the semifinals in which I'm proud to say I stayed without competition I was 😉 with Kelsey over the other and I got a good car 🙂 😉 in the finals battle was brutal each on Adrenaline and overwrought became quite crashes and spins after total 3 bl″skaniâ and a spin zav″ših the 5th semi-final quite dostoino presentation for one of the young members of the company and you're relaxed end that drove before carting. Sometimes, as many fellow that I have incredibly cool bosses to organise any kind of pleasant miropritâniâ. In the evening, unlike much of course not without eating and piivane, with colleagues from more offices. I'm a little terse, but it's hard to write with the national cancer, AAA to me quite seriously hurt in a crash in the semi-final and now my elbow 😳 bloated but got this 🙂

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