Recovery of multiple full backups in cpanel via cli

Today I decided to do some tests on a clean installation for Cpanel which I had need for multiple users. Since I didn't want to burden the working servers with Packers backup and transfer the files I used the archives of previous night. Transferirah all records in the/home and found that Cpanel does not offer refund of more 1 account both in GUI and CLI. Through the GUI as there was no way to get a number decided to bugged out with cli script restorepkg. Its use is extremely simple

/scripts/restorepkg username.tar.gz

As the action is repeated for each user individually. When you try to use the * instead of the name of the user script head-on shut me out so I need to approach a bit more gracefully –

archives=$(ls /home/ | grep tar.gz)

for archive in $archives


/scripts/restorepkg --force $archive


Now a quick explanation. Make a list of all the records and releases it in the variable archives then patrol the list item by item as we are launching razpaketiraneto for each archive separately. Nothing much interesting complicated why dudes from Cpanel are not izplzvali a similar solution for multiple files.

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