BTC Parvomay- digitally

As you know, I live in a little a little a place almost at the end of the world, or even if it's not the end of the world, maybe shortly after it ends. In general, it lacks a lot of things, so much so that many people do not even miss it, it sounds taphtological, but it's true. As of today, in my favorite town we already have a BTC digital exchange. Heh sounds kind of funny to you, wide around your neck you have your digital control panel from keel time 🙂 , and what makes me so hot that we are digitizing. Ами чесно казано нищо просто харесвам програса малко или мнгоо иначе БТК от много, I don't touch for a long time 🙂 my mobile phones are enough. However, my thought was that if someone does something for such a tiny place, then not everything is lost., maybe someday the end of the world will stop ending here 😉 I will almost forget everything my native friends 😉 your landline numbers will be from 5 numbers as in front of your old number add 6 😉 You will be able to see who is looking for you if you have a phone with a display for example also 😉

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