БТК Първомай- цифрово

As you know I live in a small a little spot almost at the end of the world, or even if it's not the end of the world maybe it ends shortly after he. Overall it lacks the very thing all the way tolvkoa many that many people don't even miss them, taftologično sounds but has since. Today in my favorite town already got cefrova power plant of BTC. Heh sounds so somehow you one funny, widely around the neck you have digital switchboard from the keel while 🙂 , and what shines so that digitalizirirame. Ами чесно казано нищо просто харесвам програса малко или мнгоо иначе БТК от много, much time do not touch mobile 🙂 enough. However, my point was that if some one does something so tiny place so all is not lost, maybe ever and the end of the world will stop to end here 😉 I forgot all my cats already stationary 😉 Rodney number will be 5 figures such as in front of the old number add-😉 you will be able to see who's looking for you if you have telefonka with displeiče, for example, also 😉

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