Friends A LOT A LOT thank you. Yesterday we have a new record for visits

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12.05.2009 2890

To me, that's a hell of a compliment, as well as for my humble blog. This is one of the moments when I remember why I started it. I started everything almost as a joke I was going to make a website for my company friends for a while, but due to laziness and a little time I did nothing and decided to explode a blog and so for a long time. It was special for my pet after I moved it to my own hosting 🙂 And do you want me to tell you where the name comes from on the site 😉 you must have been wondering 😉 So our people had a nickname for our company the slow digging 😉 (the word comes from the more colorful expression for testicle ) and so came the name of the site. Once again a big bold underline THANK YOU for your interest in my small schizophrenic personality and the sick writings on this blog 😀

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