I'm still not in time of the pisl, something always napisled″k something- “important”. Huh has so much for obâsnie that are wondering where to get it. I will give in a row does dokadeto get.

  1. Already finished my probationary period 😀 and now we just wait to prepodpiša contract. Already feels a lot less strenuous work though because I had 3 months prove, one way or another. I already feel a lot more stable finnasovo – as I'm starting a home repair seriozne. I think entirely to renew my statâ Having started from laminate flooring, new bed – What is the absolute and urgent need to take a new section and desk for computer 🙂 . Quite an ambitious project 😉 . And the spring if it is wrong I think, that has already been kraino time to buy your first car – but this is more than dsoat can I plan ahead so far.
  2. Before 4 days I had birthday – namrzaih fuck this shit. Every wish you a happy and useful all the time to smile and be glad, blah poz′orŝina full and licemeria. S″brahse only my close friends, I didn't need a big, noisy party Fri. Before when we were students, it has always been the most awesome party, at the end of the summer and the last time we gathered all. Anyway, sometimes I think it's better for the ageing (porasvame is still).
  3. Finally I remembered to go to exams. One year I had not set foot in uneversiteta, with little exception, as its tops to break records. Basically there were quite a few things that I had to figure out, I think you've already put your thoughts in order and the then came and uneversiteta. I took the exam, but I'm not disappointed I was able to do half a job half dugat couldn't solve and I rewrote it – wrong 🙂 . This is not a matter of. Just buy a vrmeto uneversite and complete separately do and because of my mom and dad – the endless are frustrated by the fact, that neuča, Although I have a cool job. I think pozaradvam them during the coming school year broikata izpitete knock it down to me at least to be able to write correspondence courses. I have no desire to be the redovono training, totally a waste of time, resources and experience. After 2 years ago as a graduate you will have and the degree and experience 2 in 1 insanely great combination 🙂 .
  4. Lonely as hell lately. I miss a lot of things, Sometimes I wonder if it was worth it to quit everything and start over, because I'm moenta a new face. Strange is počtni already nowhere feels out of place, нито при своите съм свои нито при чуждите (доста философки).

Е в общи линии това ми се върти в главата напоследък. БЛАХ можеше и по- добре.

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