Again, I haven't written for a long time, something has been popping up lately- “important”. Hmmmm, there is an explanation for the fact that they are wondering where to get it. I'll give it to me as far as I can.

  1. My probationary period is over and now I'm just waiting to re-sign my contract. He already feels a little less stressed at work because he still had to 3 months I prove myself, One way or another. I already feel a lot more financially stable – I'm starting a pretty serious home renovation. I'm thinking of completely renewing my article, starting with laminate flooring, new bed – which is an absolute necessity and you need to get a new section and desk for your computer 🙂 . Quite an ambitious project 😉 . And in the spring, if all goes well, I think, that it's high time I bought my first car – but this is as far ahead as I can plan for now.
  2. Prei 4 days I had a birthday – damn it, I hated that nonsense. Everyone congratulates you and you should constantly smile and be cheerful, blah complete posturing and hypocrisy. I only got together with my closest friends, I didn't need a big and noisy party. Before when we were students, this was always the coolest party, at the end of the summer and for the last time we all gathered. Anyway, sometimes I think it's better that we're getting older (we are still growing).
  3. Finally I remembered to take exams. I hadn't been to university in a year, with a few exceptions when I was fixing my documents for interruption. In general, there were a lot of things I needed to clarify, I think I've already put my thoughts in order and then came the order of the university. I didn't take the exam, but I'm not disappointed I managed to solve half of the task on my own, there was no way to solve it and I copied it – wrong 🙂 . This is not significant. It's just that the time of the universities has come and I'm graduating separately because of my mother and father. – they are infinitely disappointed with the fact, that I do not learn, although I have a cool job. I'm thinking of making them a little happier by reducing the number of my exams next school year, at least so that I can enroll part-time. I have no desire to be on a regular basis, a complete waste of time, funds and experience. After 2 years when I graduate I will have a diploma and experience 2 in 1 abnormally good combination 🙂 .
  4. I've been hellishly lonely lately. I miss a lot of things, sometimes I wonder if it was worth dropping everything and starting over, because at the moment I am a new face. Strange is already honorable nowhere feels out of place, I am neither with my own nor with others (quite philosophical).

Well, in general, this has been going on in my head lately. BLACH could have done more- good.

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