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If you've seen my opinion? Yes, of course, you. Have you seen how I see you, how to breathe in an even tone with you. If you've seen my soul, as ludecke show. Of course you. Виждала ли си другите как ги гледам. Виждал ли си как женските погледи замръзват в мен? Did you see how I freeze you? Saw him how to dance with you, as legnicko to hug and kiss you? Have you seen tanichka, zahlava you, ladies can be themselves. Have you seen how much I miss you no I have them? Have you seen kiss me to Wake? Of course you. Виждала ли си как ме събличат с поглед, и как аз обличам теб? Виждала ли си как играем на монополи? Виждала ли си Ръката ми отмятаща косата ти? Виждала ли си мечтите ми?!? НЕ неси.

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