Something lately I'm in such an abe little no mood. Even the euphoria from the stimulating salary increase does not last long (yesterday). Euphoria because it is much earlier than expected, and the boss said that so far she has not raised anyone's salary so quickly. What makes me happy obviously appreciates my work, and I struggle a lot. It's generally easy to get scared when you like your job. R nNow I'm trying to write some PHP functions for working with Bernie, because I have a task to embed a banner system in a site, but I suffer from a total lack of inspiration and creative thinking. At such moments I can barely write functions and wrap myself in 100-line code.

I think I've had some form of summer depression or permanent fatigue. I'm stuck working in the office, then work at home and finally sleep and so on every day… hmmm i'm thinking of taking a weekend off somewhere in the mountains to smoke my head.

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