It disappeared from my world just as it came – unexpectedly and silently. I had been preparing for both for a long time and I was surprised by both. He ran away unexpectedly, hide from me or hide your wet eyes, a mystery I will never know. My gaze followed you, though, that I did not see you. Sometimes I wonder if he did me a favor or not… I don't think you can miss something you didn't have, but alas, it is not so. I miss you very much, insanely many. No, I'm not going after you, that's why I ran away, in time maybe but not now.

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  1. I have not disappeared. I will not disappear. I am here and I will be- to you. To your shoulder, to your greatest heart, my warm and beautiful heart. I miss the touch of your hands. I miss the warmth of your soft look,I miss the warmth of your breath and your body. I love you, my gentle creature, I want you, I dream and wish to be with you every moment. I will never leave you, unless you want to. Even less to hide or run…I am yours forever …My divine, My dear .

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